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{TRANSLATION} [fanaccount] 120915-16 SHINee World Concert II in Taipei

on 2012/09/18

The moment we went in, I was very excited when I saw the stage because I usually only get to see it through my computer. The feeling of having it directly in front of me was really great.

The concert started off with a video. When it ended, they used things that looked like UFOs to come onto the stage. The moment they came out, the entire stadium was screaming. It really broke a record.

After they got into their positions, Lucifer started playing. They were wearing spacesuits so it seemed like it would be really warm for them.

Everyone was trying very hard and the screams were very loud

Seeing them live, they’re really skinny and tall especially Taemin. His slim legs (can’t even describe them). Key is really fair.

Minho is also really tall (I’m 174 and I feel he’s tall). When they stand together I noticed the height difference. Jonghyun’s voice is perfect. Onew’s hair was very similar to Key’s.

After Lucifer was Amigo.

It was like the first tour. They jumped at the last part but Jonghyun didn’t fall.

After that was Juliette. When it was time for Jonghyun’s high note, he had a pair of wings and he flew up. So awesome!!

After that was The SHINee World. There seems to have been changes this time. It sounds a bit different.

After that they talked. They introduced themselves in chinese one by one (so cute!) Onew said he was working hard to prepare for this performance. Key asked him to perform immediately. Onew hesitated and said he will perform later.

source: loveshineeb2st @baidu
english translation: teresakoh @



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