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{SHININGSHAWOLS} [project] The Blossomed Star: Key’s 22nd Birthday Project

on 2012/08/08

The Blossomed Star: Key’s 22nd Birthday Project

Key’s birthday is just a month away! Shining Shawols have settled a
project for you to join. Scroll down to get the details!

The project entitled “The Blossomed Star” will need you to write down
your own birthday messages for Key’s 22nd birthday in the most
beautiful, unique and unforgettable way. Your wishes will be compiled
in the form of a book. We agreed to let you express up to 22 words
maximum in your message, connecting to the theme “Key’s 22nd
The message book will be delivered to Key during his visit in
Indonesia for SMTOWN Live World Tour III. We will pass it to the
organizer or staffs of the event, and make sure that Key receives it
For you who want to send your birthday messages, please follow as below:


  • Messages are written in ENGLISH only.
  • Harsh and offending words/sentences are prohibited.
  • Must consist of 22 (twenty-two) WORDS* maximum**.
  • Do NOT include your personal information (e.g phone number, address,email, etc.)

*Prepositions included.
**Less than 22 words are allowed.

Please send your messages to:
Subject: [The Blossomed Star] Name/Country
e.g: [The Blossomed Star] Adizsa/Indonesia
And fill in this form (in the email body – no attachments):
Twitter Account (optional):
Email address:
Messages (max. of 22 words):

*Real names are preferred, it will be written down under your message.
Pen names are allowed.

After you send the messages, we will be giving you a reply as
confirmation. Please nudge us at Twitter (@shiningshawols) if you
don’t receive any reply after 2 days. Make sure to send your wishes
before SEPTEMBER 10th 2012

As for INDONESIAN Shawols, we noticed that there will be public sale
of SMTOWN Live World Tour III this Friday (10/8). Our staffs that live
in Indonesia will be coming to the venues and search for Shawols that
want to drop a birthday message, too! We will distribute a piece of
paper to each of you and let you write the messages yourself. So do
prepare to express your wishes for Key!

Other than this, we have provided a banner that basically wishes Key a
happy birthday by the name of worldwide Shawols. We have contacted the
organizer of SMTOWNINA about hanging up our banner in the concert
stadium. We hope that Key can recognize the existence of Shawols from
all over the world!
So, what are you waiting for? Send your birthday wishes and spread out
the words!

** If you have anything to ask, please drop an email with subject [Key’s
Birthday Project – Questions] to or
mention us on Twitter (@shiningshawols).

Shining Shawols’s Admins & Staffs.


7 responses to “{SHININGSHAWOLS} [project] The Blossomed Star: Key’s 22nd Birthday Project

  1. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for this 🙂

  2. Umm are u sure that key is turning 22? Could u please check again because im pretty sure he’s gonna turn 21 :))

  3. mint ♪ says:

    Reblogged this on It's me facing me… and commented:
    For your birthday message to Key!

  4. jonghyuon says:

    Please, no confirmation message sent by until now
    I gave E-mail, but so far no deterioration in the Twitter did not send a confirmation message to the

    Thank you ^ ^

    • adizsa says:

      We’ve checked all over the inbox and made sure that every submission are replied. The spam folder is empty, too.

      What is your email address, if I may know? So I can re-check everything 🙂 thanks

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