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{ME2DAY} [translation] 120829 Minho’s Me2Day Chat

on 2012/08/30


1. Minho said he will take revenge on Kim Jonghyun and is troubling over how he should do it. He said, “Kim Jonghyun, watch out.”

2. He said SHINee members only watch “To The Beautiful You” 24 hours a day.

3. The hardest part of filming among all the shows I have filmed for is when JaeHee fainted on the soccer field during sports class and had to carry her all the way to the medical room…. Sorry, I should exercise more.

4. When Sulli NGs during filming, she will smile and it will be over. The staff like it a lot. For me, even if I smile, it’s still TT TT Boys will look at me weirdly

5. Ah…. Everyone TT Now… TT it is time for us to say bye…. I also don’t think this is right TT I don’t want to leave TT TT From now on, are you ready to watch the first broadcast?? Go to the washroom as well…. Kang Taejun, Gu JaeHee, hwaiting! Bye! We’re going for filming now~~ Don’t forget to guard your TV!!! Always!! ~~

source: me2day
chinese translation: MrMinho
english translation: teresakoh @



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