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{OFFICIAL} [Translation] 120813 SHINee Website Update – Minho

on 2012/08/14

[From. Min Ho] 안녕하세요~ 민호 입니다!

촬영장에서도 오늘도 너무 고마워요^^

덕분에 힘이 나서 제작발표회도 잘 할 수 있었어요!!
이제 첫 발걸음을 나아가는데 많이 긴장도 되고 설레네요~

그래도 내 옆에 이렇게 있어줘서~
너무 든든하고 더더 자신감 생기는 거 있죠 ?^^
너무 고맙고 또 고마워요
열심히 해서 멋진 모습 많이 보여줄게요!

내가 바로 강태준이다!


Title: Hello~ This is Minho!

At today’s the shooting set too, thank you so much^^

Thanks to the strength (all of you gave), I’m able to do well at press conference!!
Now, I’m going forward to take my first step, a lot of tension but I’m also excited (at same time)~

Though, you all staying next to me~
I’m starting to feel much better, so my confidence are up, right ?^^
Thank you so much, once again thank you
I will work harder then I’ll be going to show you a great image of me!

I am the Kang Taejun!

Credits; SHINee Official Site
Translations; mayafeby @





One response to “{OFFICIAL} [Translation] 120813 SHINee Website Update – Minho

  1. hillary says:

    Fighting my minho. .. :*

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