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{ME2DAY} [translation] 120813 Key’s Me2Day Updates

on 2012/08/14

[Key] S.M.ART EXHIBITION에서 본인 판넬을 노려보는 본인과 그 모습을 흐뭇하게 바라보는 막내

Translate: I’m staring to my own panel and maknae is looking this appearance at the S.M.ART EXHIBITION

[Key] 마드모아젤 율리아 누나와 드디어 만났습니다! 이것저것 이야기를 나누고 재밌었어요 :-) 앞으로도 예술로 많은 사람들을 즐겁게해주세요! 얍 !

Translate: Finally, I met Mademoiselle Yulia noona! It was fun to talk about this and that :-) Please continue to make a lot of people entertain in art! Yap !

source: SHINee’s Me2Day
Translations by: mayafeby @





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