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{NEWS} 2012 PINK PLAY Concert Livestream from Youtube

on 2012/08/07

In a few days, SHINee will perform in the 2012 PINK PLAY Concert by ETUDE HOUSE.  SHINee and ‘2NE1”s Sandara Park have been ETUDE HOUSE’s ambassador’s starting early 2012. As such, these 2 big names will perform in the third concert that ETUDE HOUSE is holding.

Etude will do a live-streaming of the event on Youtube. Based on info from Etude House Global Facebook, fans from all over the world can watch 2012 PINK PLAY Concert on ETUDE House official youtube (etudeblog) on Aug, 8th 7PM KST.

“Enjoy PINK PLAY CONCERT LIVE with Fun K-pop stars plus enter Fun PINK PLAY Concert Event on ETUDE HOUSE Global Facebook!” writes ETUDE HOUSE on their official facebook. are you ready to watch SHINee’s live performance shawols? 🙂

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