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{TWITTER}[translation] 120802 Onew’s Twitter Updates

on 2012/08/04

@AS_JungAh 요호 생일이구만!! 어여부모님께 효도하라구ㅎㅎ 축하해누나

Translate : Yoohoo It’s your birthday!! Be filial to your parents hehe Congratulations Noona

Translation:  lalalananananalalalalla

@mushroom486 배불러
Translation:  I’m full

@kangta_ktvckt 한번더!예아~~~~!!ㅎㅎ
Translation: one more time!yea~~~~!!hehe

@as01155 축구부~~~~~
Translation: soccer~~~~~

@kangta_ktvckt 다다다다다다담..
Translation:  dadadadadadadam..

@as01155 이쁜짓~~
Translation: isn’t it pretty~~

@as01155 너보러~^^^^^^^^^^??
Translation: to see you~^^^^^^^^^^??

@kangta_ktvckt 내일 뵙겠습니다…
Translation: see you tomorrow…

@Soie2e 안그래~~
Translation: isn’t it~~

@Famous_Jae 노우..
Translation: no..

@as01155 나가나가아니다냐
Translation: outout this isn’t it

@Soie2e 올멋져
Translation: Oh you’re chic

@as01155 뭐시여..
Translation: What ..

Credit: Onew’s Twitter
Translation: Patricia & Mayafeby @


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