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{TWITTER} [translation] 120726 Onew’s Twitter Updates

on 2012/07/28

누워서핸드폰쥐고있다가 얼굴에 모서리로떨어졌어 하하 멘붕온다

Translate: I was holding my phone while lying down dropped the edge on my face haha mental breakdown

@masterkjhan 엥!!!

Translate: Engg!!!

@masterkjhan 오 좀 느린데요 거의 지렁이스타일인데

Translate: Oh you’re little slow, almost a worm style

@leehyukjoo 굉장한데ㅎ

Translate: That’s awesomeㅎ

@masterkjhan 민달팽이

Translate: A slug

@nanaj2 그건 신체붕괴

Translate: That’s body breakdown

Credits; SHINee Onew Twitter
Translation; mayafeby @





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