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{TWITTER} [translation] 120723 Onew’s Twitter Updates

on 2012/07/28

@Soie2e 무슨 사건인게야

Translate: What incident is it

@Famous_Jae 크크크 죽지않는머리스타일..

Translate: kekeke the never die hairstyle..

@jjongsoohyelims 항상멘붕인거같은느낌은

 Translate: I feel like you always get mental breakdown

@Soie2e 비밀도많네참

Translate: You really have a lot of secrets

@leehyukjoo @Soie2e 왜요형?

Translate: Why, hyung?

@Soie2e 뭔데요!

Translate: What is it!

@Soie2e 그런거라면..ㅜ묻지않는걸로……..-

Translate: Then, if it is..ㅜI won’t ask……..-

@Famous_Jae 오옹 영생의길

Translate: Ooh the way of eternal life

@mushroom486 너에게다줄게 하하하

Translate: I’m gonna give it all to you hahaha

@Gr9242 오른팔빼고 다쑤셔요ㅎㅎ

Translate: Shove me anywhere except my right arm hehe

@Gr9242 뜨거웠죠ㅎ

Translate: It was hotㅎ

@Gr9242 ㅎㅎ그러게요

Translate: hehe I know

Credits; SHINee Onew Twitter
Translation; mayafeby @




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