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{PHOTO} [Translations] 120729 ELLE Magazine – Minho HotMan Q&A

on 2012/07/28

Shining with a new kind of charisma. – Minho’s real side.
Armed with his singing and dancing capabilities, SHINee had been rising in popularity. No matter how you look at them, Minho shines with his charisma and a fresh smile, we asked him a few questions regarding his first drama that he starred in.

SHINee’s Minho has been praised as “one of the most good-looking Korean celebrities”, in his first appearance in a Korean drama, he portrays a cold, genius hacker. However, he keeps his genuine and sincere smile, keeping the feeling of innocent romance. Be it his solo activities as an actor or group activities, this 20 year old is always in the spotlight as he work hard towards the future!

ELLE: The drama had many Kpop artistes acting in it, it was a hot topic!
Minho: I was very happy, especially Taemin who dressed up as an old man (laughs). I’m very different from my role though, I’m a little clumsy but it was fun playing a role that is different from how I usually am.

ELLE: What kind of role was Minhyuk in the drama?
Minho: In my opinion, Minhyuk swore to himself that he would find out who killed his father. Because of this kind of background, he treats everyone and everything rather coldly. Although he is still a teen, but he has hidden his real innocent self, his actions making him seem like he is protecting himself.

ELLE: It seems like a role where you are very popular with the girls.
Minho: It is, indeed, a role where he is very popular with the girls, with a few girls confessing a few times, but he is a rather shy character, this won’t work in real life. Actually, in reality, I’m not the kind that is very proactive when it comes to love. I will silently watch over her before confessing properly. I feel kind of shy saying this (smile).

ELLE: What do the SHINee members feel about you acting in dramas?
Minho: The members have given me a lot of encouragement, and have also given a lot of their views. I feel as if they are like critics or judges. It can be a little difficult to say these things face to face, so most of them send me a message. Only Jonghyun directly says to me “It’s very interesting!” Of course, this is probably because we’re roommates and we meet very often, but that is Jonghyun’s character!

ELLE: When carrying out solo activities, will you feel lonely?
Minho: I got used to it solely. But when I return for activities with my members, I’m really happy! This feeling is stronger after my solo activities, because in a group, we will make up for each others’ shortcomings. But when carrying out solo activities, I will feel that I need to work even harder. But just the same, I’m able to fully bring out my individual charisma… That’s what I feel. If I started off as a solo, I probably would not work as hard.

ELLE: What do you feel is your personal charisma that makes you so popular?
Minho: That’s tough (laughs). 5 of us have our different specialties, working together to become one. That’s SHINee. So if I were to pull myself away from the other members to talk about my personal charisma, it is really tough. I guess hearing “When he is alone, he shows a different side of himself.” will make me very happy. It shows charisma and lets everyone see the inner ‘gentleman’ in me, that would be the best.


Holding the meaning of “bathing in the spotlight”, Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin form a 5 member group. Music, Dancing, Fashion all in one, this group leads in everything! Debuting in 2008 in Korea and 2011 in Japan, they hold an average age of 20 years old!

Minho has a knack for sports and in reality, his father is a coach for Korea’s soccer team. Since he was young he has enjoyed soccer, and has even considered becoming a professional soccer player, ” even now, I go play soccer with my friends regularly when I have time.”

One Piece
Even among Kpop idols, there exists the popular Japanese comic, “One Piece”. Minho is also an avid fan of this comic. If there were to be a movie adapted from this comic, what role would he want to play? After asking this question, he answered, “Of course Luffy!”.

Called the “Pretty91Line”, moving past the boundaries of their individual companies, the friends from 1991. Other than Minho, the 91 Line also consists of SHINee’s Key, FTIsland’s Jaejin, BEAST’s Dongwoon, KARA’s Nicole and Goo Hara as well as 2NE1’s CL, making it a very popular line.

source: sweetring
chinese translation: MrMinho
english translation: teresakoh @



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