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{TWITTER} [translation] 120722 Jonghyun’s Twitter Updates

on 2012/07/23

고마워요 너무재밌었어 오늘적은 곳은 원밀 로블링 블링이펙트 샤기지 그리고 연습생때부터 좋아해준 위드아웃…!! 하루 늦어서 너무 미안해요 다른 곳들도 전부 적고싶었는데 콘서트가 일찍이라 시간이 너무 촉박했어 미안해…고마워!!!잘자

Translate: I had so much fun, thank you, today I wrote One in a Million, Lovebling, Bling Effect, Shakizi, and Without that liked me since I was a trainee…!! I wanted to write on the other places too but the concert was too early so I had no enough time, sorry…Thank you!!!Good night

날 좋아해 준 사람들은 언제나 고맙다 전처럼 날 찾지 않는다 해도 항상 고맙다 덕분이야 모든게

Translate: Always thank you to the people who like me even if they don’t find me like usual, I’m always thanking you, everything is thanks to you

Credits; SHINee Jonghyun Twitter
Translation; mayafeby @





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