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{TWITTER} [translation] 120721 Jonghyun’s Twitter Updates

on 2012/07/23

거의 삼십곳 정도였다..하루만 적으려 했는데 지워진곳들이 있어서 내일 지워진 몇몇 곳들을 적을 생각..!! 오늘 고마웠어요 푹자요 푹 ^^

Translate: It was almost thirty places..I just wanted do it for a day but since some cleared away, I think I will write some of the erased tomorrow..!! Thank you for today, sleep well ^^

정말 다적고싶지만 한 곳적는데 이십분가량 걸려서…시간이 없을 것 같아…미안해요 내맘 알아줘

Translate: I really want to write all but each takes about twenty minutes…(so) I don’t think I’ll have time…I’m sorry, please understand me

Credits; SHINee Jonghyun Twitter
Translation; mayafeby @





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