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{TWITTER} [translation] 120720 Onew’s Twitter Updates

on 2012/07/23

@jjongsoohyelims: 오늘도 안무를 외우고있는 내모습을발견할때마다 너무 예뻐잠을잘수가없다. 하지만 어젠 죽어있었지 그모습마저 섹시해”우웩..

Translate: ”Whenever I see myself memorizing the choreography today, I found I’m so pretty until I can’t take it. I was dying because I was sexy yesterday”Yuck..

@pink0906: 불금인데…..아….저를 불태워주실 수컷 차자염 뿌잉뿌잉~*”이게뭐양..

Translate: ”It’s bulgeum…..Ah….I’m looking for a male who will have a party and burn (the night) with me bbuing bbuing~*”What is this..

@jjongsoohyelims 불금리?

Translate: Bulgeum rehearsal?

@mushroom486 오래간만이구먼~~~~

Translate: Long time no see~~~~

@mushroom486 별표는 왜달린거지

Translate: Why is there a star on

Credits; SHINee Onew Twitter
Translation; mayafeby @




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