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{OFFICIAL} [Translation] 120719 SHINee Website Update – Taemin

on 2012/07/23

[From. Tae Min] 막둥이 태민입니다~^^

팬 여러분, 매년 이렇게 생일을 챙겨주셔서 감사합니다.
저도 여러분들의 생일을 항생 챙기고 싶어요 잉..
항상 사랑하고 여러분 제 곁에서 백년만년 같이 생일 보내주세요^^


Title: This is Makdoongie Taemin~^^

All fans, thank you for wishing a happy birthday to me ever year.
I also would like to wish happy birthday to everyone, wah..
I always love you and please beside me to spend my birthday for next one hundred years, and ten thousand years^^

Credits; SHINee Official Site
Translation; mayafeby @




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