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Fly So High, Minho Support.

on 2012/06/30


Hello all, Shiningshawols would be working with Dreaming, Humming & MINHOney to prepare for Minho’s new drama. We make collect donation to support Minho Drama.  For the donation, there is no minimum amount. But if you deposit over 12USD which is 15SGD or IDR 120.000 you would receive a fancam cd. (On whether you all would receive one, I would update this again.)

All these are excluding ems fees, we will not help you to pay for the ems fees for your fancam cd.

For Indonesians, please kindly donate to:

BCA 7550141285 or

BNI 0207767054

An Desi Triana Purwaningsih

For Singaporeans, please kindly donate to:

POSB Savings 119-58867-7

The deadline for this is 15th July 2012.

After you have made your donation, please kindly leave us an e-mail at Please screenshot of your transferred amount…

Thank you 🙂


One response to “Fly So High, Minho Support.

  1. iconxraiza says:

    OMG Am having KKN in a little island near Celebes and after 1h in truck to find net I just find out that I could not donate since it’s another an hour by truck to get an atm machine T_T Oh d*rn it’s seriously annoying…… I hope you all would receieve lots donation. FIGHTING!!!!!

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