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{TWITTER} [translation] 120623 Jonghyun’s Twitter Updates

on 2012/06/25

와이 두개 하나로 본…나란남자…몬난남자…

Translated: I see 2 ‘y’ as 1… a man like me… stupid man…

@expo_2012 안녕 여니수니야!!>~<ㅋ 너의 말투와 이모티콘을 보니 귀여니님이 생각나네 !_! 깜놀~! 뭐하는지 궁금궁금하다니 알려줄게!!ㅎ 일본에서 콘서트끝내고 숙소에 도착했단다>_<!!우리 곧만나니까 그때까지 건강하렴!! 윙크! ^~<*

Translated: hi yeonisuniya!!>~< k your talk and emote icon remind me of Guiyeoni !_! I’m shocked~! I will let you know what am I doing because you were curios!! h just finished a concert in Japan and arrived at dorm >_<!! we should meet soon until then, take care!! wink! ^~<*

source: SHINee Jonghyun Twitter
translation: chosarah @


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