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{UFO}[Translation] 120213 Jonghyun’s UFO Replay Part I

on 2012/02/14

(translation under cut)

Fan: I feel like crying
Jonghyun: Go ahead and cry, let it all out. You’ll feel better that way.

Fan: Give me a reply to show some care and concern.
Jonghyun: replied! Hehe

Fan: What kind of chocolate pie?
Jonghyun: Niam niam niam*
*I dont know what jjong meant. Sorry!

Fan: “SHINee is back” is it a bag pack CF?
Jonghyun: Ah new interpretation.

Fan: A mission for you. Give me a reply immediately, if not you’d have to compensate. This is a compulsory gift, sorry..
Jonghyun: Hehehe reflect* hehe
*or it may be rejected

Fan: Jongjong ate a pufferfish…. You dont feel unwell anywhere, do you?
Jonghyun: Ate pufferfish oh

Fan: Jong!!! It’s my birthday today, please wish me a happy birthday.
Jonghyun: Happy birthday!

FindSource: MrSHINee闪耀纪年@Weibo
Source: UFO
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One response to “{UFO}[Translation] 120213 Jonghyun’s UFO Replay Part I

  1. leatherplaid says:

    “Niam niam niam” couldn’t be a way to say “delicious” ?

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