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{PHOTO} [Translations] 111122 SPUR (Japan Magazine) featuring SHINee (Interview)

on 2011/11/23

Q: This Autumn- Winter season, what is the item you wish to have (aim at)?
Jonghyun:  A voluminous scarf.

Q:  What is your favourite fashion style?
Jonghyun:  I like to match an outer jacket with a simple shirt or tshirt inside it.

Q:  What did you wanted to become during your childhood?
Jonghyun:  Either Police or Kendo player

Q:  What is your favourite phrase?
Jonghyun:  “Why did you say such things?” (in Japanese: nanteiuka)

Q:  What is your favourite Japanese food?
Jonghyun:  Tonkotsu Ramen

Q: What is the Japanese word that you remembered recently?
Jonghyun:  “You look pale”. People around me pointed out to me that I always confused it with “Having a bad face (black face)”. (LAUGH)

Q: What is your favourite part of your body?
Jonghyun:  In the morning, I look into the mirror, my favourite parts of my body varies. Today, it is my lip.

Q: What is your treasured item(s)?
Jonghyun:  My collection of Polaroid photos.


Source: lovingbling
Translation by NINGZzhi



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