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{UFO} [translations] 110618 Jonghyun’s UFO replies

on 2011/06/19

[Fan to Jonghyun] I sent it to you through telepathy, have you received it?keke What thing will you going to send me back??kekeke
[Jonghyun] Give me rice, owner

[Fan to Jonghyun] Jonghyun-ahㅜㅜWhen are you going back to Korea’O’??That’s how overseas fans feelㅜㅜ
[Jonghyun] In July ㅠ

[Fan to Jonghyun] When are you going back to Korea??I really miss you;ㅂ;I feel like I’m an overseas fan now ‘O’!
[Jonghyun] kekekeke in July ^^

[Fan to Jonghyun] When exactly in July am I going to wait youㅜㅜWorld Star Jonghyun!!hehe
[Jonghyun] kekekekeke wait

[Fan to Jonghyun] I fell when I was climbing the stairs and it really painful but when I thought of Jonghyun it wasn’t painful anymore!hehe Healing cream Jonghyun!
[Jonghyun] heo That’s good

Credits; ufotown
Screencaps credits;
Translation; mayafeby @


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